What are natural chicken predators?

What are the most dangerous predators to your flock?

In any chicken farmer’s life, the fear of predators is always present. A variety of predators may pose a threat to your flock, but some are more dangerous than others. Here is the most frequently asked question regarding chicken predators: 

Will a skunk kill a chick?  

The quick answer is yes, sometimes skunks eat chickens. However, while skunks can kill chicks, they typically go for young birds and eggs because these are easy prey items. They don’t want any risks associated with harming an adult chicken that could defend itself or cause them harm.

Do cats eat chickens or kill an adult chicken?  

Feral Cats might not be at the top of your list when talking about chicken predators. Still, they can pose potential threats because these animals are carnivorous and consume meat. They especially love small birds due to their bite-sized tender flesh that is relatively easy to catch.

Cat hunting prey
Do domestic or feral cats attack chicks?

Do foxes eat chickens?  

Yes, foxes will prey on your chickens given the opportunity. They are one of the primary predators of poultry. They are attracted to chicken coops because these provide easy access to prey and a place where the chickens can’t escape.

Foxes will kill chicks by biting the neck or head and then shaking it until the animal’s neck snaps. For them, it’s fast and efficient to take down their prey without putting up too much of a fight.

Do foxes eat eggs?  

Yes, foxes will eat eggs. They prefer eggs over chicken because eggs contain many nutrients and are easy to digest. The foxes are clever creatures. After carrying them away from nests, they consume or bury chicken eggs for later consumption.

How do weasels kill chickens?

Weasels are small, fast, and agile. They can squeeze through into almost any small opening, even to the size of a woman’s wedding ring. So, make sure that your chicken coop is highly secure.

In just two bites, the weasel’s long teeth can penetrate a bird’s neck or tear its throat away, but most of its body will remain intact. It almost seems like they are drinking their blood rather than eating flesh like hawks or guts like possums.

Do minks eat chickens?  

Yes, minks prey on chickens. They have long, slender bodies that make them fit into small spaces like weasels. They are good swimmers, fast, and usually live nocturnally. Minks will stalk and kill chickens, sometimes all in one night.

Chicken attacked by a dog?

In most cases, hens are attacked and killed by dogs through PLAY. Dogs love to chase and play with their prey, but if a dog is big and strong enough, it can injure or kill baby or adult chickens.

Dog by lake
Do dogs attack chicks?

Do bears eat chickens?   

Bears are known to feed on just about anything, including chickens. If a bear feels particularly hungry, it may see your flock as an easy meal. Remember that bears will not come to your yard because you have chickens but because they are looking for food. Once they find food, they keep coming back.  

Bears are giant and have more strength than humans, so they can easily break into or destroy chicken coops. So, it is best to ensure your coop is well-built and secure if you live in an area with a bear population.

Do Black Bears feed on chickens?  

There is no perfect yes or no answer to this question as it depends on the specific black bear and its dietary habits. However, in general, black bears are omnivorous and depend upon various things, including plants, insects, and small mammals. So, a black bear might feast on your chickens if given the opportunity. There have also been news stories of bears breaking into coops.

Is black bear a predator of chicks?

Do eagles hunt chicken?   

Eagles do not hunt chickens because they primarily consume fish and carrion. Eagles, on the other hand, are opportunistic feeders. They will take advantage of whatever food they can find. So, when other feeding sources are scarce, they will go for the flock.

Fully grown backyard flocks are usually killed by eagles swooping down and grabbing them with their talons.

Do armadillos eat chicks?   

No, armadillos won’t prey on chicks, but they may prey on eggs. They’re more of a generalist feeder with an appetite for eggs and other small prey items they can find in their environment or scavenge from other animals’ killings.

Armadillos are known to carry viruses that could harm your flock. It’s best to keep them away from chickens, especially since they can dig around or under coops looking for food.

Armadillo on field edge
Is the armadillo a predator of chicks?

What should I do to protect my chickens from predators?

The best way to protect your chickens from predators is to build a solid and secure chicken coop. The coop should come from sturdy materials so that predators cannot easily break through or destroy it. It should also have a tight-fitting door that can lock away predators at night. Additionally, you can install chicken coop cameras or a motion-activated alarm system to alert you if an intruder is in the yard. Finally, keep your hens close to the house where they will be safe and within eyesight.


So, there you have it all – the most dangerous predators to your flock. Take necessary precautions to protect your birds, such as installing fences or netting around your property and keeping a watchful eye on them. Thanks for reading!


Do skunks eat chickens?

It’s common for skunks to attack baby chickens. But they don’t attack adult hens and fully grown roosters.

Are snakes dangerous to my flock?

It depends on the snake. Some snakes will kill and eat chickens, while others will only eat their eggs. The most dangerous snakes to your flock are those that can kill and eat an adult chicken. These include the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the western diamondback rattlesnake, and the cottonmouth (water moccasin). All of these snakes are found in North America. The best way to protect your loved birds is to take steps to snake-proof your coop.

Can you keep chickens and cats together?

Chickens and cats are not good roomies to keep. If you are up to the challenge, you can train them to live together.

Are your backyard hens and small chickens vulnerable to stray cats?

Yes, hens and small chickens are vulnerable to stray cats. You have to fence your flock coop to save them from cats.