Welsummer Chicken (Eggs & Temperament)   

Are you looking for a new chicken to add to your flock? If you have heard of so many chicken breeds, you may be wondering which ones are good layers, good foragers, and which would be the best addition to your backyard flock. This process can be daunting and confusing. Therefore, today we’re going to look at the Welsummer chicken.

This chicken is known for its large, dark brown eggs with speckling. They are also beautiful and intelligent birds with their black and white feathers

But, what about their temperament? Are they hardy birds? How many eggs can a Welsummer chicken lay?

Brief History & Background of Welsummer Chicken 

picture of a chicken
  Breeds and nutrition can affect the size and weight of chickens   

Welsummer chicken is a rare breed of chicken that originated in the Netherlands. It is a Dutch chicken breed that originated in the town of Welsum, hence the name. This breed was created by combining the Rhode Island Red, Hamburg, and Leghorn breeds.


Welsummer chickens can live for 6 to 8 years. But with proper care, they may live for up to 10 years.  


The Welsummer falls into the Lightweight class of chicken breeds.  


The common breeds of Welsummer chickens are:

  • Barnevelder
  • Bantam
  • Booted Bantam
  • Brahma Bantam
  • Dutch Bantam, English Game
  • Old English Game
  • Penedesenca
  • Sumatra

Welsummer chickens come in Black Welsummer and the Golden Welsummer. The Golden Welsummer is a rarer breed than the Black Welsummer. Black Welsummer tends to be more common in the US.

Size and Weight   

Welsummers are medium-sized chickens, weighing in at about 6 pounds. The largest they will get is around 9 pounds.  

Appearance and Temperament of Welsummers   

There’s a lot to love about Welsummer! They are bright and beautiful chickens with rich browns, gold around their necks, and red feathers on some birds to make them more colorful. They stand upright for an elegant look that’s ideal if you want your flock members to have robust features such as short wingspans paired with well-shaped tails.

The Welsummer roosters have sludgy red tones, which sets them apart from their female counterpart’s typical snowy white markings. The Welsummer hens have darker head and back markings than males, making them easy to identify in a flock.

These beautiful chickens have baby chicks that can be sexed at about 7 to 10 days old. You can tell the male chicks apart from the female chicks because the boys have a small dot on the top of their heads. The girls have a small dot on the underside of their heads.

The Welsummer is a friendly and intelligent bird you can find in many homes. They’re calm and docile birds that don’t have any territorial problems. They enjoy being handled by their chicken keepers. Still, they will allow themselves some freedom to explore your property if given a chance.

Welsummers are not as skittish as some of the other breeds, making them a good choice for those new to raising chickens. They can make excellent pets, too.

chicken flock

There are two ways to produce Welsummer chickens: autosexing and sex-linked.  


With autosexing, the Welsummer chicks come from parents of the same breed. The chicks can be easily identified as males or females when they are very young because their feathers will differ. Males will have giant, darker feathers, while females will have smaller, lighter feathers.

Examples of autosexing breeds are the Australorp, the Welsummer, and the Barnevelder.  


With sex-linked hens, the Welsummer chicks are from a mother of a different chicken breed than the father. The father can be any breed, but the mother must be a sex-linked breed.  

It is easy to identify them as males or females. The gene that determines the color of a chicken’s eye is on the sex chromosome. So, if you have a sex-linked hen, all her chicks will be males.  

The most common sex-linked breeds are the Rhode Island Red and the Sex-Linked White Rock.  

Egg Laying and Broodiness of Welsummer Chicken

A tray of welsummer eggs
  These Welsummer eggs are terracotta-colored and speckled  


Incubating is a natural behavior for most chickens, and Welsummer hens are no exception to this rule. It is common for a hen to start sitting on eggs at about 18-20 weeks old. They will continue to sit on the eggs until they hatch, usually 21 days later.  

Welsummers are good at incubating eggs, and it is not uncommon for them to hatch more than 90% of their eggs.  

Hatching Eggs  

If you are looking to hatch beautiful eggs, then Welsummer is a good choice. These chickens are good mothers and will take care of their eggs until they hatch. And once the Welsummer chicks have hatched, the mother hen will take care of them until they are ready to leave the nest. It makes them an ideal choice for someone who wants to hatch eggs.  

Beautiful Dark Brown Eggs of Welsummer Chicken  

One of the main reasons people keep Welsummers is for their eggs. They are known for their high egg production, laying an average of 190 large brown eggs per year. These chickens lay large, dark brown eggs that are beautiful to hold. A single Welsummer chicken can lay eggs throughout the year, so you can expect a steady stream of eggs.

The Welsummer chicken eggs are also easy to identify because they are a darker brown than most other chicken eggs. Many describe the egg color as a terracotta-colored with speckles on occasion. Plus, the eggs are smooth and have a slightly pointed end. It makes them stand out from other eggs in your refrigerator or egg carton.

The egg size is generally about 2 1/4 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide. They are a little larger than the average egg.

Care Guide to Welsummer Chicken   

sitting chicken
  The chickens need a coop so they don’t perch anywhere  

Coop Set up and Roaming Area  

Coop setup and roaming area are also important to consider when raising Welsummers. If you keep Welsummers, you will need a coop to house them in. These chickens need a coop of at least 4 square feet per bird. 

The coop should also be well lit and ventilated. It should also have a roosting bar and a nesting box. A wireless chicken coop camera can be used in the egg box to help owners identify their most prolific layers and identify issues.

The chickens will also need a roaming area to free-range and go outside and get some fresh air. The roaming area should be large enough for the chickens to run around and have a fence around it to keep them from getting out. The chickens need a roaming area of at least 10 square feet per bird.

Feeding and Watering Welsummer Chickens  

welsummer chickens eating
This type of feeding may cause harm to your flock, so you must have a proper feeding and watering system for them  

Feeding and watering are important for keeping your chickens healthy. You will need to provide a constant source of food and water for them. Chickens should have access to food and water at all times.

The American Poultry Association recommends feeding your chickens a diet that is made up of about 20% protein

Hence, Welsummers need a balanced diet to stay healthy. They should have access to food that is high in protein and calcium. You can also supplement their feed with fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Chickens need clean water to drink, so make sure to provide them with a fresh water source. Make sure you have a guide to what feeders and waterers to use for them. 

Known Health Issues and Treatment  

Like other birds or any chicken breed, Welsummers are susceptible to a few health issues. The most common problems seen in Welsummers are:  

– respiratory infections  

– Marek’s disease  

– coccidiosis  

– mastitis  

– Newcastle disease  

You can treat these conditions with antibiotics or other medications prescribed by your veterinarian.  

Use and Purpose of Welsummer Chicken   

kellogs cornflakes box
Kellogs Corn Flakes box features the Welsummer breed

Most chickens are helpful for their eggs, meat, feathers, and so with Welsummers. If you are familiar with Kellogs, you will know that they are a breeder of Welsummer chickens. They use these chickens for their egg production, and the eggs are shipped worldwide.  

These chickens are kept mainly for their eggs, but you can also use them for meat or feathers.  

Welsummers are also sometimes used as show chickens. They are beautiful birds with their black and white feathers, and they often win first place in competitions.  

As pets, Welsummers are known for being friendly, so they are a good choice for someone who wants a pet chicken.  

Buying Welsummer Chicken   

If you decide to buy a Welsummer chicken, you can find them at most poultry auctions and hatcheries. They are also available from some breeders. Prices for Welsummers range from $10 to $40, depending on the age and sex of the bird.  

Check the reviews before buying a chicken from an online store.  Here are some places you can purchase them from:

The Good of Welsummer Chicken   

These are the good things about owning Wesummer Chicken:  

  • A Welsummer is a beautiful chicken and comes in a variety of breeds and colors.  
  • Welsummer eggs are dark brown ideal for hatching.  
  • They are a good choice for a pet chicken.  
  • This breed comes in both cuckoo and black varieties.  
  • They have a high and good egg production, laying an average of 190 large brown eggs per year.  
  • They tolerate heat pretty well and are low-maintenance chickens.  
  • Welsummers are free-range chickens. Welsummers are good foragers, so they can be allowed to roam freely as long as you have a fence around them to keep them from getting out. 

The Bad Things of Owning a Welsummer Chicken

angry chicken
When provoked, chicken can get angry and hurt you
  • This breed of chicken is considered rare, so if you are looking to add one to your own flock, you may have a harder time finding them than some other breeds.  
  • They can become aggressive if provoked.  
  • Welsummers display broody behavior primarily in the springtime. They don’t naturally produce eggs during winter.  
  • Sometimes, they can be loud.  
  • They are not suited for cold climates.  

How much do Welsummer chickens cost?

Prices for Welsummers range from $10 to $25, depending on the age and sex of the bird. 

What do Welsummer chickens eat?

Welsummers need a balanced diet to stay healthy. They should have access to food that is high in protein and calcium. You can also supplement their feed with fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Final Thoughts for Backyard Chicken Keepers: Is the Welsummer for You?   

So, should you get a Welsummer for your backyard chickens? Is it a worthy addition to your own flock? Overall, the advantages of owning a Welsummer chicken outweigh the cons. Many backyard chicken keepers love them more than other chickens, too!

However, it still depends on what you look for in a chicken. If you want a beautiful breed with a large brown egg, the Welsummer is good. They can also provide you with many eggs throughout the year. However, if you live in a cold climate, you can find a better chicken breed.