Showgirl Chicken

Showgirl Chicken Breed Profile

Those interested in a chicken breed that’s as unique-looking and unusual sounding, then look no further than the showgirl chicken. It is a famous show bird in the United States, and many chicken keepers choose to add this breed to their backyard flocks. This chicken would be a great addition to your flock! So, let’s examine its unique characteristics and discover what makes it so special. 

What is a Showgirl Chicken? 

You can probably guess by the name that the Showgirl chicken is a popular breed for show. It was created in the early 1900s by crossing a Barred Plymouth Rock rooster with a silver Sebright hen. The result was a bird that had the upright posture and striking plumage of the Barred Rock, combined with the beautiful iridescent quills of the Sebright. 

The males have a blackhead neck and tail, striking white barring on the chest and wings. The females are a beautiful light brown, with contrasting dark markings around the eyes and beak. 

The most distinguishing feature of the Showgirls is its show-stopping plumage. The feathers on the body, neck, and tail are long and lustrous, with golden hues that change colors in the light to make them stand out from other chickens. These magnificent birds also have incredibly proud neck furrows. Their distinctive characteristics give these hens their reputation as “showcases” at poultry shows across America, where you can see all your favorite breeds up close. 

It is one of the most beautiful and exotic breeds of chicken that you can find.  

Breed History

white feathered showgirl chicken

In the early 20th century, there were two most popular show poultry breeds: Silkies and Turken. These hens have been around for quite some time. Their origin came from Russia in 1924, when it gained acceptance into perfection as one of America’s favorite show chickens.  

Showgirls had both silkie qualities (long-tail) with little vanity in their feathers while still being able to lay eggs like a turkey. Competitions became ideal for them because they could meet perfection’s demands, such as clear, soft, and bright skin. In addition, their good-sized bodies matched well with their relatively lightweight at maturity. 

Showgirl Chickens: Basic Breed Information 

Weight and Size 

The showgirl chicken is a medium-sized bird, and the males and females are both showy in appearance. The weight range for showgirls is 4-6 pounds. 


The showgirl chicken is a beautiful light brown color, with contrasting dark markings around the eyes and beak. The most distinguishing feature of this breed is its show-stopping plumage. The feathers on the body, neck, and tail are long and lustrous, and they shimmer and change color in the light. 

Egg Production 

It is a productive breed, and the females can lay up to 200 blue eggs per year. 

Climate Tolerance 

Showgirls are hardy breeds tolerant of most climates. They are ideal for backyard flocks in cold temperatures, and you can also raise them in warm climates. In the summer, ensure that there is plenty of shade and water and a well-insulated coop for the winter. 

Common Showgirl Varieties for Your Backyard Flock

  • Black showgirls 
  • Blue showgirls 
  • Buff showgirls
  • Columbian showgirls 
  • Partridge showgirls 
  • Red showgirls 
  • White Showgirls 

What it’s Like to Own Showgirl Chickens (Characteristics)

naked neck showgirl chicken
  1. Known for their showy appearance, showgirls are a beautiful breed. They are typically white with black markings, and they have a very regal look to them. 
  2. Showgirls are also very friendly and easy to care for. They are hardy birds that can adapt to most climates, and they are known for their high level of productivity. 
  3. Showgirl females are usually very calm, sweet, and gentle birds. They usually make excellent pets, especially for children.  
  4. The eggs that these hens lay are also wonderful. They are a deep blue color, and they are some of the largest eggs that you will find. 
  5. If you are looking for a showpiece chicken for your flock, it is a great choice. Be sure to check with your local poultry breeder to see if they have any available. 
  6. This fowl is very shiny, and they often serve as brooders because of their excellent mothering skills. They are also relatively calm birds, making them a good choice for those new to keeping chickens. 
  7. They do not have feathers on their necks. Like a silkie hen, it has a long naked neck.
  8. The showgirls are known to be incredibly caring and gentle. At the same time, the silkies have an extra layer of warmth that makes them great mamas. 

Disadvantages of Owning Showgirls

Not Heat-Tolerant 

Just like silkies, they don’t tolerate heat very well. So areas with high temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit are not recommended for keeping showgirls. 

They need shade and water with a cool stream to drink from when it’s hot outside- or else your chicken will dehydrate quickly. 

Silkie eggs get externally incubated by hens who tend them just like chickens. However, these birds have a much slower growth rate than most poultry because of their low intelligence levels (making training easier). 

The easy target of predators 

Please keep a Showgirl Chicken in a fenced-in area. They are generally not very predator aware. If left unattended at night when no human watchdogs are around, predators can quickly snatch these slow and showy chickens and kill them. 

These owners may be better off staying awake until morning or bringing plenty of coffee pots to hand. If you prefer, you can install an automatic chicken coop door opener that operates during the nighttime. Alternatively, coop cameras can monitor their movements inside the chicken coop. 

They do not do well with free-ranging 

When allowed to roam outside the confines of their home pen, showgirls will quickly disappear from view for long periods. And during these wanders, they often lay eggs in some very inconvenient spots that are hard to find and collect. So, if you do let them free-range, be prepared to have a lot of dirty eggs show up in your weekly egg collection. 

Showgirls are a delicate breed

The gentle nature of the breed can be a drawback if they are working with more aggressive breeds whose temperaments are more aggressive. 

Showgirls need extra care

Among the chicken breeds, showgirls have some special requirements. For example, their silky feathers make them vulnerable to cold weather, especially when wet, making them susceptible to catching a cold. Their feathered feet require extra care as well. 

How to Breed Showgirl Chickens   

If you are interested in breeding showgirls, there are a few things that you need to know. 

The first thing is that the showgirl rooster is broodier than most other roosters. He will stay with his hens and chicks and take care of them until they can fend for themselves. 

The showgirl hen is also a good mother, and she will take care of her chicks until they are ready to leave the nest. 

Another thing to remember is that showgirls can crossbreed to create some outstanding offspring. Cross them with paint or Sumatra chicken if you are looking for a showgirl chicken with even more impressive plumage. 

Where to find Breeders and Hatcheries for Showgirl Chickens? 

Talking to your local poultry breeder is the best place to start if you’re looking for showgirl fowls. Breeders will guide you through the process and help you get started. 

You can also find breeders and hatcheries online. Just search for “showgirl chicken breeders” or “showgirl chicken hatcheries.” You should be able to locate reputable breeders and hatcheries in your area. 

Frequently asked questions (faq’s)

What do showgirl chickens eat? 

Showgirls are omnivorous and will eat various things, including seeds, insects, fruits, and vegetables. 

How big do showgirl chickens get? 

Showgirls typically weigh between 4 and 5 pounds. 

What is the lifespan of a showgirl chicken? 

Showgirls typically have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. 

Do showgirl chickens lay eggs? 

Yes, they do. Showgirls typically lay 5 to 7 eggs per week. 

What is the price of showgirl chickens? 

Showgirls typically sell for $10 to $15 per bird. 

Do they resemble Silkie hens?

Yes, they have unusual feather structure, behavior, and nature that resemble silkie very much.

Is the Showgirl Chicken Right for you?  

So, if you’re looking for a showy chicken that will turn heads at your next poultry show, the showgirl is the best choice. It is a hardy breed that is adaptable to various climates, and it is known for its good temperament. So, why not add a few Showgirls to your flock? You won’t be disappointed. 

Thank you for reading! Hopefully, you found this information helpful.