Chicken Egg Color Chart – Find Out What Your Breed Lays

Many people are unaware that chicken eggs have different colors, but there are! Chickens can lay white, cream, brown, blue, or green eggs, depending on their breed. Here is a chart to help you find out the egg color your breed lays.

Breed Laying Eggs Per Year Egg Color Picture Check Here For Breed Information
Welsummer 190 Dark Brown welsummer egg dark brown picture  Welsummer Chicken (Eggs & Temperament)
 Showgirl 80-140 Cream or tinted   creamy white tray eggs Showgirl Chicken Breed Profile
Buff Brahma  150  Brown brown egg  How to Raise Buff Brahma Chickens 
Green Queen Chicken 260 Green five green eggs  Green Queen Chicken: The Breed That Lays Beautiful Green Eggs
Calico Princess 150-200 Brown brown eggs in a tray Calico Princess Chicken: The Ultimate Guide
Deathlayer 150-250 White Deathlayer Chicken: Meaning and Origin
Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes 200-280 Brown brown egg Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte Chickens: Egg-laying, Broodiness, and Temperament
White Crested Black Polish 150-200 White and Creamy white photo of six white eggs White Crested Black Polish: Breed Information
Red Star 300 Brown three brown eggs Red Star Chickens: Eggs, Height, Size, and Raising Tips
Jubilee Orpington 200-280 Light brown and brown many light brown color eggs in a tray Jubilee Orpington Chicken: Eggs, Temperament and Raising Tips
Asian Black 150-250 Brown two brown eggs Asian Black Chicken for Backyard Flock
Blue Copper Marans 200-280 Dark Chocolate Brown dark chocolate brown egg color image Blue Copper Marans: The History & Future of Marans Chickens
Polish Frizzle 200 White or Tinted white creamy egg photo Polish Frizzle Chicken Breed Profile

There you have it, a quick guide to the different colors of poultry eggs. You will see more varieties as there are many breeds around the world. If you keep chickens as a backyard flock or visit a local farm, don’t be afraid to ask about the different colored eggs they have!

When you see some colorful eggs in a store, don’t hesitate to give them a try. They are delicious and nutritious. Feel free to share with us your favorite chicken egg pictures that you have taken over the years.